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Toki O Koeru Omoi (piano) Toki O Koeru Omoi (piano)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

did you play this yourself?

Hello Studio-nightbird, I gotta say you played that rather well, it was rather short too did you cut bits out of that. i know u said u added bits to the piece, i am wondering if you replace bits with the bits you adlibbed?

I would have enjoyed this piece to have been extended, to make it more your own!

I apologise for my scoring for this, but I felt this piece was lacking some of the essence of the original, I can't quite put my finger on it

a fine effort none the less



studio-nightbird responds:

well i played all this. I just moved parts of it to fit in parts that i made to make it abit more longer. if you wish you can see me play this live at youtube.
saddly though im going to change this song. Im moving onto another song to work on. thanks for the review and score

Blood Flow--_--(2:12) Blood Flow--_--(2:12)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Finally, something original. This songs got a sufficient amount of style. I prefer the goa with the more experimental beats, fx and glitchy samples. But this was good nevertheless. I love those pads in the beggining. That gave me a good first impression.
Those 32th note hihat rolls worked well. Different than the 4 on the floor type of pattern. Which was good. I would've liked a more powerful snare. Different than your signature rock sounding one.

Anyways, my answer is yes so far. But you own Reason 3.0 right? You should use it :( Rewire my friend, Rewire. With Reason's amazing modules and sounds ( and those lovely combi patches ) with your skills in fl. You could produce a FARRRRRRRR better track than this. Trust me. Anyways. Ill PM you later.

PERVOK responds:

My friend, I lack Reason. I had it, but then I "lost it". And by "lost it", I mean, "the one I downloaded stopped working for some really odd reason. My brother couldn't fix it".

So now I'm saving money to buy it. As for now, I'm using FL.

Olfaction (BrightOrangeChair) Olfaction (BrightOrangeChair)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I recognize the reason samples. And the drum and bass rex loops, from Anyways great song. It's great to know that we have another experimental/IDM artist on NG. Check out my newest song Quadrille on my audio page please. Rate and Review. Thanks.


orange-peel responds:

Thanks for pointing out what I used, I didnt realise. Seriously, is there any need for you to mention those things? All you had to do was review THE SONG, not be a reason snob. Thanks for the 5/5 and taking the time to review though.
I will check out your music.

Revolutions Revolutions

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Nothing special here. Really. I don't produce techno, I produce IDM and Ambient music, but, the song is cheesy. It has no style. Just well composed arpeggios at 170 + bpm. The drum kit is HORRIBLE. Seriously if you're going to produce trance and techno then get some GOOD SAMPLES. Geez. But I respect you since you can make something simple sound ok. But fl presets? I don't even use Fl. It must be easy to get thousands of fans with square and sawtooth based synths. Try and get some good sounding fx, intelligent pads and some original and intelligent sounding synths. I don't hate you. Your notation and music theory is REALLY good. But, this song is cheesy. There's way better techno here. Honestly.

(I bet a bunch of nooby fans are gonna go flame me and 0 my music when they read this review. It's alright with me. Just giving you my opinion.)

3/4, It won't make a difference to your score anyways.

this gravity this gravity

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Very, Franz Ferdinand-ish? Great song though, vocals, bass, guitar kick ass together in this song. Shoulda submitted under Indie. Whatever. Forgive me. I'm not in the mood for writing a long review write now. :)

Thanks for your vote, Watercolour! You voted 5 for this gravity, raising its score from 3.75 to 3.89.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

thanks for listening, enjoying and reviewing, i'm sorry if u meant that as a complement but the franz comparason has made me want to smash up my guitar god damn, need to calm myself... and jeez, this has been downvoted hard, there must be some real cocks near the top of the general rock list. anyway, i'm gonna stop whining, is bad luck to write a response longer than the review;)

Time for bed (4:20) Time for bed (4:20)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.

Awesome song. Really. The synthy rhodes at the beggining sound nice and relaaaaaaxxxxingggg. The drums are also generic but nice and the guitar kicks an unusual amount of ass, same with the bass. I wasn't feeling those filtered stringy pads. Great song, well put together. The 3.93 isn't the score for this. :)

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.

Thanks for your vote, Watercolour! You voted 5 for Time for bed (4:20), raising its score from 3.93 to 4.00.

WinTang responds:

I love you too.

Flounder Flounder

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Again, nice track. Sorry it took me so long to review this though.

I'm happy your drums sound better! Everything goes well together in this song. Mellow, evolving pads in the beggining are awesome. The melody and all the sounds together at 2:10 sound freakin' awesome. You know what we should do? Collab, I could do everything but guitar? How does that sound. That would be pretty sweet, anyways.

Thanks for your vote, Watercolour! You voted 5 for Flounder, raising its score from 3.57 to 3.75.

pitbulljones responds:

thankyou mate for reviewing my track. im flattered u enjoyed the track and appreiciate my drum work, i took my time on these and it seems to be showing. i'd gladly collab mate, anytime, just give me a ring and i'll come a running with my guitar in hand and weird synths too.

thanks for the 5.

A Mass of Traffic Up Ahead A Mass of Traffic Up Ahead

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You're starting to impress me one song after another.

Pros +

+ Love the synth birds
+ Great strings
+ Glitchy 303 synths were nice
+ As always, great job on guitar
+ Melody is simple and nice
+ Epic ( That's always good )

Cons -

- Drums, that's basically it.
The drums you use sound 808-ish and sorta
shitty. Try using some real samples. Or use drum loops.

Beautiful song anyways!

( I fived this song before when I fived it along with your song 'Grace' )

Remember to PM me when you have a new song!

pitbulljones responds:

hey man,thanks for the review. aye them synth birds are ace aint they? dont you love fucking vsts eh. the strings are from rhino vst and theyre becoming one of my favourite patches, using em alot at the mo and i love strings as it is.

with regards to the beat, i know what you mean, i didnt even bother changing the presets but i kinda like em, reminds me of old 80's tunes like Joy Division n New order. but i know what you're getting at. I used to use drumloops all the time. you'll notice most of my stuff prior to 'on the front' relied on loops, but ive decided to do my own for more authenticity and im slowly getting better at it.

thanks again for your comments.


Intergalactic ZENON MIX Intergalactic ZENON MIX

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This just had to be fived. You know why.

;D My remix is almost done. I'll PM you when it's done.

PERVOK responds:



GangsterRapper Vs Beastie Boys GangsterRapper Vs Beastie Boys

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Those accappelas rule eh? Great remix, I'm working on one right now.

GangsterRapper responds:

Yeah they do. I found them about a month ago. I did post about them in the forum but the topic died.

Thanks anyway. I'm looking forward to hearing your remix.